Sunday, 11 September 2016

A spot of Geo...

Just popping in to say "hello", but I have to admit that I haven't managed to achieve any crafting whatsoever! None! Zilch! Zero! I have missed it as it is my main relaxant.
Sunday we were off work and after some housework we went into town to try to do some Geocaching. We were half successful finding 2 out of the 4.

The week seemed very hectic at work, so I didn't get much time in the evenings.

Ive finally decided to join slimming world, its much needed. I'm finding it tricky so far of thinking of things to eat, but hopefully i'll get into the swing of it!

On our midweek day off we met up with my Mum, and had a lovely day out at Bognor.
The sun was shining, we had a lovely relaxing day catching up
And managed to find 3 more Geo's too!!

Fingers crossed that I can manage to juggle my week of fitting in meal planning, cooking, food shopping, work and get some much loved crafting in!!
Until next week x

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Continuous pompoms...

It's been lovely having an extra day off this week, with a bank holiday here in the Uk, more time to play!
I did pop to town on the Monday to check out the carnival procession.

          We went for a mid week beach walk, where we saw pretty pastel, tranquil sunset skies.

Thank you to everyone's pompom advice last week, just one set it will be on the scrap yarn basket. I just need some goog light so I can take some decent pictures of the scrappy set.
My next basket is already underway, in fact the actual body is complete, but you'll be pleased to know that there is still an abundance of pompoms.

When i'd been plucking out different colours for the scrap baskets, I found a multi tone ball which I decided would be perfect for a basket all its own.

This one has been much quicker to work up without any colour changes, but to make it more interesting I thought i'd go all out with pompoms on this one!

So there's been plenty of wrapping, cutting, and fluffing!!

I am still continuing with the beast of the Mandala, slowly but surely i'm working my way round, but it sure is time consuming!

To give my wrists a bit of a break, I had a little play with my mini loom.
I had a go at the basics and some fringing.
Ideally I would love to have matching wall hangings to go with the baskets, but time will tell whether I can achieve this.

Can you believe we are already in September, and I've already had my first Christmas delivery at work :-(  I don't like that the evenings are drawing in already, and that we are heading towards Autumn.
Here's a look back at August

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Too many pompoms??

                  We've been away for a lovely week in Cornwall, but more on that next week...

                                Before going, I was working on my latest scrap yarn basket

                        With the basket completed, I decided it needed a little something extra!!

I made a pompom using my smallest pompom maker, using a few different strands of different coloured yarns. However, putting it next to the basket, it looked enormous! I had to rethink, and remembered seeing a technique online using a fork, so gave it a go

It worked well, and was easy to do, just  a bit tricky to get the scissors in to make the cuts, but the size was much more suitable!

You can see the difference in size. The fork is definitely a good way to make cute tiny ones!

So the next question was how many?? Just a single bunch each side?

Or a bunch either side of the handle on both sides?
Is there such a thing as too many pompoms?
What do you reckon, which do you prefer??

Whilst away I took the Mandala with me. Although its a huge size so not very practical to travel with, I didn't really have a portable project to take with me. Not only that I wanted to get back into the swing of doing it, and correcting my mistake.

I made a start on the train journey, as its a long 7 hour trip

Took relaxing moments in the garden

And worked on it in the evenings whilst watching the Olympics

So now I have competed week 12 and made a start on 13, but still quite a way to go yet!!

I'll just leave you with one last image, where Ive given my pompom image the Prisma treatment!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

classic cars and scrappy baskets

So for this weeks walk we took a detour. There was an annual classic car show at a local park, opposite the beach. As we're still new and acting like tourists we thought we'd have a mooch around. Cars really aren't my thing, but even so I could appreciate the beautiful styles that were on display.
The fun part was when they started to leave the arena onto the main road. The were revving, doing burnouts, wheel spinning, and honking their horns. It was a great atmosphere.

My focus this week has been on a large scrap yarn basket

Its the largest one I've made so far, with lots of colour changes

I work with a big bag full of yarns at my feet, and have a lucky dip to choose the next colour to add, although it can be slightly edited, as I wouldn't want two colours or tones the same, I want them all nicely spread out. So sometimes its orchestrated randomness!! 

I do like the double colours blending together

And look, we have handles !!

I'm close to finishing. There's just a few more ends to be sewn in, as you can see. That's the only downfall to making a very colourful piece, so many ends!!

We go away on holiday next weekend, across to the Cornish coast. I will be taking my Mandala with me. Although its a bit of a beast, it is plausible to be portable. This will give me the opportunity to focus on this piece again, and rectify my mistake and get back in the flow...

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Brighton and Baskets

So this weeks beach walk took place further down the coast in Brighton. We got off the bus at the Hove borderline and headed down to the waters edge.

We had a great, relaxing hour walking along beach combing. We had a massive haul, finding so many pieces.

We took a break for refreshment at a seaside café and had a delicious homemade macaroni cheese

We continued along the seafront but couldn't continue treasure hunting as the tide had come in

We looked into various shops and galleries along the front, until we reached the pier, and had our usual fun on our favourite games
We stopped off for a quick drink before heading to the Theatre Royal, where hubby had booked us a treat to go and see Footloose, which is one of my favourite films

It was a great production, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our day and evening out.

After making my mandala mistake last week, I'll admit I haven't yet picked it up again.
I have however, completed my scrap yarn piece
As it had turned into a bowl, I decided to finish it off with a picot edging

I have also started a new scrap yarn basket
I started with the plain circular base

And made a start on building up the sides, using up the small balls of scrap yarns, and working two colours together at a time 

I'll admit that I haven't quite finished sewing in the ends of the yarn basket/bowl. Although, with the mad mix of colours it means that you are able work over some of the ends.
By the time I have finished this basket I do hope to have finished the ends of all the scrap collection to be able to show them off together!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mandala mistakes and Basket beginnings...

It's been a hot muggy week here in the UK. Not that i'm complaining about actually having some summer weather, but I am thankful to now be living by the sea. It's enabled us to pop out across to the beach when ever we needed a spot of cooler air

This included an evening stroll at dusk, although it was the lure of getting a magnum that did get us off the sofa!

We had our usual beach walk when we had the day off together. It was a beautiful day, but with a lovely sea breeze it was comfortable to walk in

As we'd been out for a while we ended up stopping at a garage and getting ourselves a late lunch. We sat on the beach to eat it, you really can't beat that view!

Hubby had a great haul that day, and some good size pieces too

A range of colours. White, green, olive and pale blue

I was having a 'blind' day, but at least I managed to find a large pale blue piece

I had a work meeting to go to in Stratford. It turned out nothing like I could have imagined as we spent 2 hours around the Olympic park 'team building'. It was so much fun as we worked in teams, had clues to find and had to show photographic evidence. It meant I was able to visit somewhere ordinarily I wouldn't normally have gone to.

The mandala has been continued and been growing, with thankfully some quicker easier rounds. But I've hit another mistake!

I'm so frustrated! I'm not quick at crochet, and I have limited time, so to have to undo a whole round which I need to do is a little bit heartbreaking!
The problem is I didn't know I had gone wrong until I was at the end of this round! I'm supposed to have 31 of these lilac stitches in each section, but somehow the last section has 33!!

So I've chucked it aside for the moment, until I can bear to undo and redo, and made a start on a new basket. As you may recall last time I intended to do another (but slightly different) scrap yarn basket. Its not quite gone to plan, I have said before they do work up organically, and take their own shape. Well this one certainly has. For some reason the base on this one didn't come out flat like all the others.

Its like a ceramic bowl with a base, so if it wishes to be a bowl, then a bowl it may be!!